Welcome to the Oriental Institute Collection Search Wiki

This Wiki page is intended to provided an instructional guide for how to use the Oriental Institute Collections Search online tools. The Collections Search contains over 1,000,000 records covering over 200,000 objects in the museum collection and exhibit galleries, over 500,000 books and articles in the Research Archives library, over 14,000 items in the Museum Archives, and over 80,000 image files from our Photo Archives.

Getting Started

I. Introduction
  1. General Introduction to the Search Our Collections Page
  2. How to Perform a Simple Search
  3. How to Perform a Search for Records with Multimedia
  4. Using the Browse the Galleries Menu

II. Exploring Individual Collections
  1. Research Archives - Library Catalog
  2. Museum Collection - Object Registration Catalog
  3. Museum Archives - Archival Catalog
  4. Photographic Archives - Digital Media Catalog
  5. CAMEL - Maps, Satellite Images, and GIS Catalog (Download the CAMEL Search Tips)

III. Advanced Search
  1. How to Use the Boolean Operators
  2. How to Search Multiple Fields at the Same Time
  3. How to Search Multiple Collections at the Same Time

IV. Refining Results with the Facets

V. Using the Citations Tool



Creative Commons License
Oriental Institute Collections Search by Oriental Institute is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License Based on a work at Search Our Collections.