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If you want to simply explore what data is available, begin your search with “Keyword (CAMEL)”, and/or “Spatial Type”. “Keyword (CAMEL)” searches the text of our data’s titles and descriptions in order to return datasets described with the word(s) entered. Please note that this type of text search cannot be a replacement for a spatial search. For example, if you type “Syria” into the “Keyword (CAMEL)” search box, the search will return datasets that have a description that includes the word Syria, not all datasets that fall within the boundaries of the country of Syria. “Keyword (CAMEL)” searches will be much more effective at returning maps (which usually contain some text describing their spatial coverage in our database) and will right now be less effective at returning satellite images and other types of data, which are typically labeled by mission or indexing number. The descriptions of satellite imagery and other types of data do not contain all of the major place names that are covered by the dataset, although searches for country or province names will yield results. Foreign language maps (for example, Soviet Union Topographical Maps) are also tagged with geographical keywords. Country capitols, major cities, and major archaeological sites may also return results. (Transliterations of place names may vary, so you may want to try various spellings).