In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform an author-date search. An author-date search will allow you to find all publications cataloged in the Research Archives library catalog by a particular author from a specified date or range of dates. We will begin on the Search Our Collections page of the Oriental Institute. First, we want to limit our results to items from the Research Archives. We can do this by choosing “Research Archives” from the first drop down menu. Then, we will select “Author” from the second menu so that we can search for a particular author. When entering the author’s name, it is recommended that you use only the last name of the author so that you don’t miss records where the first name does not appear or only the first initial is used. In this example, we will search for “Dennis Pardee” by entering just the last name “Pardee.” Now, we also want to specify a date. Click on the plus sign next to the search bar. This will expand your search. Choose “and” from the Boolean drop-down menu and once again limit your search to the “Research Archives” in the second drop-down menu. Finally, choose publication date from the third menu and enter a year date, such as “2012.” Perform the search by pressing the return key or clicking the submit button. You will find in your results all fourteen publications by Pardee in 2012, which have been cataloged by the Research Archives. You can further refine these results with the facets on the right-hand side of the page.

You can expand this search to include a range of dates as well. We will click the “Revise Your Search” button in order to augment our search. This time, I will enter a range of dates. You must follow this format for this search to work properly. Enter bracket, the lower year date in the range, the word “TO,” and then a final bracket. In this case, we will search for all publications from 2010 to 2014. Now we see all thirty-nine publications by Pardee from 2010 to 2014, which have been cataloged by the Research Archives.

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