The series of wiki pages here will provide users with the general principles of using the Oriental Institute Collections Search database and website. Within the Collections Search, users have access to nearly 1,000,000 records from our Research Archives, Museum Collection, Museum Archives, and Photo Archives. By selecting from the drop down menu, users can choose to focus their search on individual portions of this collection. The Research Archives is the Oriental Institute's academic, scholarly library, consisting of over 65,000 volumes. Within the Collections Search, users have access to over 500,000 bibliographic records from the Research Archives collection. These records cover all books, articles, reviews, encyclopedia entries, Festschriften, conference proceedings, and pamphlets in the Research Archives collection. Such records can be downloaded for use in EndNote, Zotero, and other bibliographic softwares. The Oriental Institute Museum Collection contains over 300,000 registered objects from antiquity. Users can search, sort, and view these objects according to a wide variety of criteria. Over 10,000 records include images and other multimedia, which are available for download for non-commercial, educational use according to the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 license and our Terms of Use. Each image is linked between the Museum Collection record and the Photo Archives record for the image. The Museum Archives of the Oriental Institute contains field records, diaries, notebooks, photographs, negatives, professional papers, and correspondence associated with the faculty, staff, and projects of the Oriental Institute. Over 4,000 records in the Museum Archives are available for searching, sorting, and display. Bibliography for Museum Archives records are linked to the Research Archives records. If a Museum Archives record for a photograph shows an object from the Oriental Institute, a link is available to navigate directly to the Museum Collection record for that object. Finally, all images associated with Museum Archives recrods link back to records in the Photo Archives. From the Photo Archives, 100,000 records can be searched, sorted, and viewed. Links from Photo Archives records are available to navigate back to Museum Archives records and Museum Collection records.

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