In this tutorial, we will provide a general introduction to working with Museum Collection data on the Oriental Institute’s Search Our Collections webpage. Once you navigate to the page at, you will see the search bar at the top of the page. By default, the options are set to search all departments and all information in the database. If you would like to limit your search to Museum Collection records, select Museum Collection from the first drop down menu. This will activate the list of fields available to search in the second drop down menu. Depending on your selection, you will have several options for entering your values. Choosing On Display or Multimedia allows you to select a yes/no radio button, while choosing Museum galleries provides you with a drop-down menu of gallery names. If you happen to be searching for a registration number, make sure you put a space after the prefix and before the number in the search bar. Although registration numbers are published in print without spaces, you need to use a space in this search. A general keyword search will search all the available data in the collection. For example, a search for winged bull will retrieve 38 records for object relating to winged bulls. Once you have your results, you can sort them according to criteria in the sort drop down menu. You can also further refine your results using the facets on the right. For example, expanding the multimedia facet will allow you to limit your results to records with images. Clicking on any of the records will open up the details view for that object. The details view will display all the associated images of that object. Clicking any of the images will open up a large version, which can be saved to your computer. Below the image slideshow, there is a link to the Photo Archives record for that digital file. At the bottom of the details view, you will find bibliographic references for where the object has been published or discussed. These references are linked to the Research Archives catalog. By clicking the View Entry links, you will be taken to the Research Archives catalog record for that item.

Further detailed information for searching, sorting, and manipulating data from the Search Our Collections can be found in the many tutorials on this Wiki page.

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