This field contains the photograph number, negative number, and digital number for publication quality images; and varied information for other groups of photographs, for example research photographs and certain types of archival photographs. For publication quality images, the title begins with a prefix specific to the type of photograph (photograph=P, digital=D, negative=N) followed immediately by a six digit number. For example, to search for P. 21850 (photograph), you would enter “P021850” and to search for D. 020003 (digital), you would search for “D020003”. Some titles for archival photographs include both the photograph and negative numbers separated by an underscore, for example “P017120_N010637”. The title for Field Negatives is not yet standardized, and is a work in progress. Research photographs contain the Registration Number of the object being photographed and the last name of the researcher. It would be best to enclose your values in asterisks (ex. *13945*) when searching the title field. The asterisk is a truncation operator in the database, thereby allowing you to search complicated title string values.

Photo Archives Title Search.JPG