The the Oriental Institute Collections Search page displays the simple search box at the top of the page:
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By default, the simple search selects "Search All" from the drop-down menu and Keyword as the search criteria. This is similar to a "Google search" and it means that the user will find any records that include the value entered into the search box. In more technical jargon, the Search All - Keyword search will perform a query across all the data in the database. At the present time, this will search all records within the Museum Collection, Research Archives, and Photographic Archives data silos for any given values. Placing a term in the keyword search will search all fields in the database for that term (e.g., Keyword=Egyptian). Placing two terms in the keyword search will search all fields for both of those two terms without regard to order (e.g. Keyword=Egyptian papyri). If terms are placed inside of quotes, then the database will search for the terms in the exact order the terms were entered (e.g. Keyword="Egyptian papyri"). As another example, a search Eye of Horus without quotes will result in records with "eye" or "Horus" in all fields in any order. Search "Eye of Horus" with quotes will result in records with the exact match "Eye of Horus" in that order in any field. Click the "Submit" button or press the "Enter/Return" key on the keyboard to perform the search.

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