In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Browse Museum Galleries tool on the Oriental Institute’s Search Our Collections page. This tool will allow you to find records for the museum objects currently on display in the Oriental Institute Museum. Each drop down menu in the Browse section further refines options for the records you’d like to view. You can select these criteria in any order you wish. For example, perhaps you are interested in all objects related to writing. Choose Writing from the “Object Type/Description” menu and click the “Browse” button. You will find all 175 objects currently on display that are associated in with writing. You can further refine these results using the facets on the right side of the page. For example, you may only want to see records with associated multimedia. By expanding the Multimedia facet, you can limit your records to those with images.

If we start over by clicking on the “Begin a New Search” button, we can choose a different set of criteria. In this case, let’s say we want to see all the objects on display in the Egyptian gallery from the site of Abydos which date to the New Kingdom. We can select “Egyptian Gallery” from the top menu, “Abydos” from the fourth menu, and “New Kingdom” from the last menu. You will get results for the 18 objects on display from New Kingdom Abdydos. Of course, you can further sort with the menu in the upper left corner and refine with the facets on the right side of the page.

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